Wednesday, 21 January 2015

I played a game!

So last night Mark and I played some Warmachine...

This is exactly what it looked like
It was the first outing for Hierarch Severius (e-Sevvy or Sevvy2 for those who speak the lingo) of the Protectorate of Menoth against Orsus Zoktavir,  the Butcher of Khardov (Butcher1 - a Khador caster). It was only a 15 point game so didn't involve very many models on each side.

My list contained:
* e-Sevvy
* 4 man Choir of Menoth
* A Vassal of Menoth
* A Reckoner heavy warjack
* A Redeemer light warjack
* Tristan Durant (looking after the Redeemer)

Mark had:
* Butcher
* A war dog
* 4 Widowmakers
* A Destroyer heavy warjack
* A Juggernaut heavy warjack

So this happens when you google "Angry Butcher"...
It was my first game and Mark's first for a long time so we made a few rules mistakes. Mostly involving AoE damage and how exactly you cast spells (for future reference,  I think it's using your focus stat not your current focus...). The game itself was a lot of fun and nowhere near as complex as the rulebook suggested it might be. I'm going to claim noob privilege to justify my defeat though I will note that I'm pretty sure my Reckoner would have smashed Butcher into the ground next turn!

Not as complex as first imagined

The aim of the game is relatively simple - kill the enemy caster (most of the time). Warmachine had been sold to me as a game about problem solving and resource management which seems pretty accurate. There were several points where I found myself having to think about which order to best activate my units in to get the best result, which I enjoyed immensely.  I was worried it was going to be a bit more point and click,  more like 40K, but it doesn't seem to be. I've said before that I like my games tactical and objective based, despite being a very different take on the idea it was well worth a look!

The list I took seemed effective and I can see why all the models in it were suggested as good buys - It had a nice mix buffs for a melee jack and a shooting jack.  The one thing I'm not certain of is whether I like the caster or not.  e-Sevvy seemed a little... anaemic? He had no attacks to speak of,  his defensive buff is nice and he has a lot of focus but he didn't seem to do much.  Maybe it's because it was a low point game - his feat and influence spell were both sorely lacking in targets - but I think I'm going to pick up another one to some variety.  Maybe the none-epic version of Severius? He is a bit more blasty I think. Or one of the more combat focused casters?  I'm not sure - it's really hard to tell from one game. I'm going to try to get a game against Raye's Cygnar next week - I don't know what they do but I gather is very different to Khador...

Google had some suggestions...

Anyway.  I also did some painting.  Have a look!

I love the model for Hierarch Severius - it is stunning. Of course the staff falls off all the damn time but that is more than made up for by the beauty of the sculpt. This model is pretty much why I picked the Protectorate - this may have been a poor way to choose a faction.

This the Vassal of Menoth. He looks like he is riding an invisible horse. I have no idea why.

These guys are the Choir of Menoth. Beautiful models, useful on the table, whats not to love?

I'm working on some jacks at the moment but they only have undercoat on them so aren't worth sharing. Maybe next time?

In other news the next wave of Malifaux playtest stuff has been released. I think my next article will be about why I'm not very excited about it or the whole Wyrd playtest concept at the minute.


  1. Nice write up, and yes you use the Focus stat when casting, having spent the required number of focus from your stack before rolling any dice, or measuring range, of course.

    1. Thanks :)

      It took a bit of flicking to find the rule but it was in there eventually! This makes spells much more effective than I thought they were in the first turn or so...