Sunday, 20 December 2015

It's been a while

So you may have noticed it's been a while since I posted anything on this blog...

Long story short, the nature of the back bedroom has changed a little. Changed in the sense that it's no longer a back bedroom now it's a small flat in central Manchester. So that's nice. More importantly this means I have more free time and that I should be gaming more often and doing a bit more hobby stuff.


<Insert self pitying caption here>

So what have I been doing?

Well I've been playing a lot of Warmahordes. My Menoth shuffled off to the great trade hall in the sky and were rehomed to a nice man in Kent only to be replaced with a large horde of Cryx. I still love my Farrow and they get the most table time of my Warmahordes factions but it will be nice to have a full faction to choose from. Farrow has gotten some nice stuff in the latest book, a shiny unit upgrade for the Brigands and a few nice light warbeasts meaning that they have some choices now, but they are still quite small. Having a Cryx force means that I have a full range of units and jacks to pick from as well as a massive number of varied casters. I'm excited about playing more of this, I think it's my favourite game at the moment.

Yeah, it's actually kinda like this
I'm still playing a bit of Malifaux, though nowhere near as much. It's not easy to say why, I still enjoy it when I play it but it doesn't quite grab me in the same way. I've got a Misaki crew that I want to paint up and I'm looking forward to picking up Ulix once he sits shelves but I'm fairly certain I won't buy much more. I'm in the fortunate position of having a lot of Malifaux I've not really used so I can keep myself going that way.
The only thing better than an angry redneck
is an angry redneck with an army of pigs
Mark pointed me in the direction of the Batman Miniatures game recently so I picked up a Penguin crew and a couple of free agents (Catwoman and Riddler). The models are based on the Arkham City games and the recent films for the most part - they are really well detailed but the casting quality and the metal are a bit variable. They remind me of 90s GW stuff - lots of flash and some really soft parts that break easily. Not played this yet but I'm keen to get it on the table next year.
I love Penguin so much
World War 2 is another thing I really want to game. I've got a load of 28mm Soviets (because of course I have) that I intended to use for Bolt Action but I recently picked up Great Escape Games Iron Cross which looks cool too. I'd really like to do something with these in the near future.
That captain reads "Just put us on the table"
Oh, I also had a phase of buying Bushido models because I wanted to paint something Oriental. They are very pretty but I've not used them for anything.
With the Temple of Ro Kan this isn't far off
In the New Year I'm going to try and make more of an effort. I've got a few friends in Manchester who are keen to game as well as my brother in law in Sheffield and my other sister's partner in Huddersfield. So I really have no excuse! I've reached out to FanBoy3 in town to see if they have anyone who plays either Batman or Bushido. I miss being part of a gaming club, the one in Barnsley that I attended when I was in my teens was really fun, so I'd like to do something like that again. NWGC isn't an option as long as it's run by it's current owner so I'm still looking. I heard about one in Salford that I'm going to investigate in future.

There are a small pile of smaller games in my "To Play" pile too. Open Combat, Fist Full of Kung Fu, AoS. All the games!
Pictured: One excited gamer with the
last of their money
So that's a brief update on my gaming life. Next year I hope to get back into the habit of blogging more and showing off pictures of things I've been working on.