Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Gaming resolutions

As it's New Year's Eve it seems popular for people to be blogging about resolutions for 2015 and because I'm a fairly lazy blogger I'm going to do the same.

1. The painting mountain
I've got a bit lazy with my painting this year.  If I think about it I've painted maybe 30 models?  A squad of Bolt Action Soviets and a fleet of Blazing Sun ships are all I can remember off the top of my head.  I've assembled an awful lot and even undercoated most of them but actual paint jobs? Not so much. 
Partly I think this is due to the change in setup I have in the new house.  Before, my painting stuff lived in the front room and I'd do an hour or so every evening which meant I got through quite a lot of stuff done.  Now it's in the back bedroom I have to go sit on my own to paint which isn't really something I want to do.  Now I've got the house to myself during the week I hope to get more done.

A typical lead mountain

The task list looks something like this:

* Soviet force
Maybe 50 troopers of varying kinds,  half a dozen guns and a tank.  Thankfully when this is done it will represent a decent sized army. It will probably keep expanding if Black Tree insist on having such good value sales - you can never have enough rifle men in a Soviet army.

* Malifaux Guild
The Guild are the faction I want to focus on this year.  I've got my Ortega crew,  some guardsmen and McMourning to paint before this project is finished. There is a good chance I'll end up picking up a few more models for this - the crew feels like it's missing a punchy centre piece,  I'm just not sure what the Guild version of teddy is yet...

* Protectorate of Menoth Warmachine
I assembled these yesterday and they were a mixed bag.  The resin went together well but the metals were a pain in the arse and reminded me just how much I hate metal models. I picked up some of the PP paints and started work on my Choir.  I'm quite looking forward to painting these,  they are lovely models with plenty of detail on them.

2. The rules mountain

As I mentioned before I've got a lot of rules I've never played. Now I've got a reasonable number of cowboys that I want to use to play Dead Man's Hand with as well as forces for Warmachine and Bolt Action that are big enough to play a decent sized game with.

Hopefully I can bring order to this chaos

3. Gaming frequency

I don't game as often as I'd like to and I've previously blamed this on lack of time.  Well I Don't have that excuse anymore so I'd like to make sure I get at least one session of gaming in each week whether that is via vassal, at home or at one of the clubs around Manchester.

I could do any of those or I could play some games

4. Terrain

This is my main project for 2015. I've got a few bits of terrain that I've made and a load of Terraclips cardboard terrain but I'd like to have a wider selection. I recently bought a set of laser cut wooden city ruins from eBay that I'm going to use as the basis of a set of urban terrain.  If I'm clever it will be usable for a variety of 28mm games and a bit quicker to setup than the cardboard stuff. I've never really made terrain so I'm not sure how this will work out but I figure that painting precut stuff isn't that tricky. I need to find something to base it on that won't warp first - I'm going to have to hunt for some thin plasticard I think...
So there we go,  something for me to look back over at the end of the year and see how well I have done! 

Not going to lie, it might just be things from
Do you guys have any hobby resolutions? Share them in the comments if so!


  1. I'm still working them out, but they'll probably turn into a blog post of their own - although I think the core thing will be "paint more stuff"...

  2. I'm considering getting that tattooed on my eyelids as motivation. I always have the best of intentions with my painting I'm just easily distracted!

  3. I intend to get rid of that huge pile of plastic sprues and spend the money on something I'll actually play!